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BriteGuard® limescale remover is a mildly acidic, slightly viscous cleaner based on natural organic acids. It is suitable for the effortless removal of stubborn limescale deposits. It can be used on glass, ceramic, metallic and other acid-resistant surfaces. Especially sensitive, high-quality materials can be cleaned gently. In the case of unknown substrates, compatibility should be checked in an inconspicuous place. BriteGuard® limescale remover was developed to remove limescale residues. In addition, the water can also contain other components that leave residues on the surface. These may have to be removed with an additional cleaner. For routine cleaning, apply the limescale remover diluted 1: 5 to 1:10, allow it to take effect, then dissolve the dirt with a soft pad or brush and rinse off with plenty of water. Can also be used on its own for extreme soiling. Repeat the cleaning process if necessary.

For sensitive surfaces


Mild, natural acid components

Slightly viscous

Ecologically and biodegradable

BriteGuard® limescale remover, 1 liter, item no. BO5881001

SKU: BO5881001
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